Friday, May 7, 2010

Journey to the US Open - Week 2

So I have been on the grind working out and playing tennis. Frankly, I'm damn tired! I have lost 5 pounds which was more depressing than anything else because after working so hard 5 pounds wasn't enough for me mentally. This is the reason I don't weigh myself.

Anyway, training started out to a rough start with several windy days and a flood of allergies. Now I'm quite on track however. I played on Tuesday and felt VERY good about my strokes and my overall game. I played a pretty tough opponent, similar to what I'm going to be running into at the sectional and damn was I tired. Somehow I need to work on my endurance and really aiming the ball with strategic shots.

I have been serving phenomenally however, I can't wait to get a read on how fast my serve is. I have always known that my serve and backhand are the strongest parts of my game and now all my other shots are also falling into place. My volleys have significantly improved from my mixed doubles stint and I feel like all I need to do is keep my wind and keep moving my feet.

I've been forcing myself to go after EVERY shot, which is great practice. Outside of that I have been running regularly, working out my 'serving' arm on the cable cross (which has tremendously improved the endurance of my poor little arm) and been doing court drills (sprinting and such). I feel like my game is really coming together. Even my second serve has morphed into a decent first serve.

Anyway, I'm getting ready. This weekend will be my first away from the tennis court in at least 2-3 months. I will be hitting the gym and apparently the pool with my adorable niece and nephew. I'm going to visit my mom and sister-in-law for Mother's Day festivities. I haven't seen either of them in 4 months or so; its been a while.

Sigh-- of to Arizona, I just want to make sure to get good workouts in this weekend, to prepare for the next week of intensity.

Happy Mother's Day Mothers! See you next week.

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