Thursday, May 20, 2010

Journey to the U.S. Open: The results are in....What's next?

Now that the dust has settled, I feel that I am in the proper mental state to report back on the U.S. Open travesty that is the qualifying sectionals. I will open up a very objective analysis of the state of affairs.

Things that were good:
  • I got an official US Open t-shirt and hat
  • Played in the third round (technically)
  • Got back into a REAL competitive tournament
  • Played at the place where my high school CIF championship was
  • Finally got my ankle taped up properly to support me
  • I figured out how to combat my nervous butterflies for the beginning of competitive matches (Tequila!!!)

Things that were bad:
  • I should have got my ankle taped the first day
  • I didn't train nearly as much as I should have
  • I lost mental confidence
  • My first serve decided to take a vacation
  • Tendinitis
and above all:
  • I should have kicked that lady's butt!!!
The funniest thing is that, apparently, the officials come onto the court to make sure that all gameplay is fair. My opponent kept foot faulting and I'm sure the random foot fault calls were getting to her head. That's when I should have stepped it up to take advantage. So many regrets, but only enough to grow from.

So that's the U.S. Open wrap up report. I am really disappointed that I went out the way I did, but I am determined to never let that happen again. How do we resolve this issue?

- 1 open tournament/month
- Train properly
- Eat right
- Get on the court religiously to fix those unforced errors, doh!

Next tourney...

CALABASAS OPEN & NTRP CHAMPIONSHIPS (June 4-6, 2010)...wish me luck!

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