Monday, May 17, 2010

The Playlist! (From LBC to Arthur Ashe)

Everyone knows that any respectable athelete has a playlist that will mentally get them into and out of their game. I have created a playlist that will take me through my U.S. Open debut. Now I just wonder if I should also not change my tennis outfits at all for good luck throughout my playing (but then I think of how much sweat is involved on hot days, gross!).

I'm banking on someone breaks their arm, pulls a tendon or even dramatically sprains a pinky toe (which is desperately needed for all the side to side movement in tennis), so that I can make my way to Arthur Ashe. I am ,mentally prepared to get annihilated, but my spirits are high and I don't take well to defeat.

Either way, off I got the US Open wild card sectional, my match today is against Rochelle Perkins ( I have mentioned her before). I feel like I know Rochelle, I have been thinking about her so much, lol.

Anyway, I gathered my thoughts on a playlist that would get me pumped for this event...It may be slightly on the feminine side, but still a powerful list that should help me get through.

1. Bad, Rihanna

2.Tell Me, Christina Aguilera & P.Diddy

3. When I grow up, Pussycat Dolls

4. People of the Sun, Rage Against The Machine

5. Paid In Full, Erik B. & Rakim

6. Don't Stop Til You Get Enough, Michael Jackson

7. Summertime, Fresh Prince

8. Till I Collapse, Eminem

9. My 1st Song, Jay-Z

10. Set Adrift, PM Dawn

Enjoy and tell me what YOU think, what songs do YOU love to get motivated to? I'm sure I need to add others to the playlist :).

Wish me luck.....again!

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