Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adventures of a Chronic Dieter - entry XXX???

So my plan this week was to workout in the morning before I go to work. Morning - 2; Ronjini - 0. I did so good last week and don't know what happened, but with every exhale and piece of clothing I try on...FROM MY OWN CLOSET, my desperation for going to the gym gets worse.

I realize it takes a certain motivation and balance of time in life, but my energy has waded with this new puppy and the amount of work I do. Once I'm back on a schedule, I should be good. Maybe I'll set some short-term goals to kick start my momentum.

Goals for this week:
- Drink WATER, no soda (or minimal soda)
- Workout everyday for the rest of the week (Tuesday - Sunday)
- No eating lunch out (that's what kills me most of the time)
- sleep by 11, awake by 5
- no carbs after 7

This is aside from the dozen other personal things I should take care of, yay! Its Tuesday.

Allright folks, here I go again!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Some people are cool...some people are NOT!

I decided I needed to get this off my chest to progress with my day and this post may possibly not exsist for more than a few days. I don't understand how someone can argue with 'facts' that they made up, because they need to win. Especially when winning doesn't affect them, but more the person that they are arguing with.

I keep the contents of this particular post vague to protect the parties involved, but I'm not sure why. They should be put on blast for their disgusting behavior. Fruthermore, you can't talk to someone who is not willing to really embrace and understand the other person.

That is all.

Monday, September 13, 2010


We named our new Cairn Terrier, Chaka...here's why:

Except he is way cuter and more loveable.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Special Delivery.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning as we woke up in Long Beach to a fantastic sunny day. I was too tired to wake up at 6am to make it for the Santa Monica 10K, but I had bigger plans ahead of me.

After some coffee, I made my way to the Alamitos Bay Farmers Market. There were gorgeous fresh fruits, vegtables and other homemade goods, but I wasn't there for that. Off into the distance near the harbor with the boats, was Hearts for Hounds...There awaited a cute brown Cairn Terrier, temporarily named Tate!

After about 20 minutes of walking 'Tate', it was over. This little pup had the courage of 10 pups, barking at any dogs bigger than himself. With an over exerted Napolean complex and fun loving personality, 'tate' became the newest member of my family. As soon as we got home, he found his spot and plopped down next to me.

He has a little trouble getting into cars and there's a lot of training ahead of us, but I am excited to be on this adventure. We're still working on his name, so far we have Chaka, Rugby, Napolean and Spaz in the running. What do you think?

p.s.: Of course we bought stuff from the Farmer's Market too.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Curveballs and Decisions

Some things that come around, you would never expect to happen to you in a million years. The only thing that you can do is to have confidence in yourself to overcome those strange curveballs in life that may come your way. The real outcome is the way to handle, deal and overcome every situation. Most people end up cracking at the thought of something 'out of the normal' happening to them. As long as you have confidence in yourself and think things through (or maybe not think things through sometimes) then decision making is much easier. It is not about making the best of what you have...It is about making what you have, the best!

Although I love the idea of destiny, luck and fate; nothing comes to you unless you make it happen. I think that's why people often make fun of or reject the 'I can't', because it just doesn't make sense most times. There is a way to do and figure out everything that life throws you and all you can do is your best to make the right decisions for yourself, despite what others may think or say. No I had no major decisions to make, but a lot to think about. When it comes down to it, you can only look within yourself to find answers that you need.

Keep your head clear and march forth my friends!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Return to planet normal...

So I have been back home for a little over a week now and have started new routines and gotten used to the time. I feel like I wake up, workout, work, go home and pass out. My energy has been a little low, however it's possibly because I thought it was a good idea to give up caffeine (I've resolved that problem today).

My new wake-up and workout schedule has been working really well for me, but it's difficult for me to stay up at night after I get home. I feel like I just make dinner and plop on the couch...and there is no return from that. My productive self has slowly been pushing me to wake up earlier to get things done, but I'd really like to stay up longer and see more of the day. I need regain control of my schedule so that I can fight the good fight against time.

Managing yourself as a business is so difficult. There are way too many things that I need to get done in a day. I feel like I over-promise and under-deliver, something that I have always vowed never to do to clients, but keep doing to myself.

Lists are beginning to mean nothing to me. There are no consequences to my personal laziness and if there are, I have already lived with them and they aren't bad enough company where I care. I guess it boils down to the fact that I'm not really a patient person and generally want everything to be done and dealt with yesterday and if it takes longer than that, I feel I have no control. Ah well...we are home, happy, healthy and ready to move forward. Maybe now that I got this out on screen, I can make myself accountable.

I did bribe myself with shopping, which may just work!