Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh the horror! - Week 1

I weighed myself yesterday and I can't even believe that I'm putting myself on blast like this, but I feel that it is the ONLY way to force myself to do something about it. 167....That's right! ::shaking my head in disappointment::

It's a shame that I let things get this bad and it was partially because of my ankle injury, I've been out of the workout game for a month, but there is no excuse for that. We (me, myself and I), have to work at a fast and steady pace to lose those extra 27 lbs that I am carrying around. ASAP.

The solution? Well there are a lot of solutions, but I'm starting with P90x. P ninety what, you say? p90x is one of those video workout programs that's supposed to get you in shape by doing boot camp style workouts everyday for 90 days (and in the comfort of your own home). Normally, I wouldn't buy into that shit, but there are people that I know that have tried it and said that it worked for them.

Although, I am pretty good at staying on a strong workout regimen, I need some motivation right now to get me out of this depression. I also need to take a before picture of myself, so that I can awe in all my glory at the after pic, when I have a rock hard body.

Don't know if its worth it? Well don't you worry, I will post what I think about the P90x program over the next 90 days. The greatest thing is that there are no crazy promises. 90 days is definitely enough time to re-shape your body and (in my case) my life.

Here we goooo!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Adventures of a chronic dieter #1

Again and again, I have promised myself that I would lose weight and improve my physical fitness over a period of time and there have been many many times that I have actually achieved my goals in that arena, however, since July I have made promises to myself that I just haven't kept. That all ends today...

"Why are you always on a diet?"...Well, I guess its not really a diet anymore but just a lifestyle choice. It is not that I think that I am obese either, and a lot of weight loss is not about that, but more about being the best you can be. I know I'm better than this, therefore, I have tried to encourage myself to get back to the 'way things were', because I felt better about myself back then. So I don't think I'm overweight more than I know that I feel and perform better at my ideal weight, previously achieved.

We all use excuses about why we have gained weight as we get older; working a desk job, being stressed out, being too busy, loving food too much, not wanting to torture ourselves, etc. Well fitness should be a part of your regular activity and when you want to lose weight you just have to incorporate some extra time into it. Its like when you're a student and you're struggling in a subject, you get a tutor and put more emphasis on it.

My goal is to trim off this excess weight and become a lean mean tennis machine. Along with fitness, I will utilize this 52 day program to improve my focus on everything in my life, improve my tennis game and get my finances situated (for all those trips I'm taking this year).

I have until March 31st to be all that I can be. I'm not going to put an exact number goal because that can be deceiving, but what I can put down are some ground rules:

- Cut sodas and artificial juices
- No candy or baked goods
- No more than eating out 1 time per week
- High protein, low carbs
- Incorporate a master cleanse of maybe 3-5 days in the plan somewhere
- Cut out as much dairy as possible (including cheese...I know....ouch!)
- Replace Coffee with Green Tea and non-sugar energy drinks (if necessary)

Tomorrow morning in the wee hours of the morning is the weigh in. I will not procrastinate to wake up and get out of the house. And alas, to make this the real deal, I will post my starting weight as embarrassing as it is for me.

During this extraordinary promise to myself, I will post my weekly progress, interesting observations, great fitness classes and exercises that I come across and recipes that I discover to keep my 'diet' bearable and exciting. The good news is that I love vegetables and salads. The bad news is this is undoubtedly going to be the hardest thing I have done to date (sometimes I think it is harder to lose weight when you're not overweight).

Here's to achieving the BEST!!! Cheers!!! Stay tuned...