Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Transformation begins...

I have been on a voyage to transform myself into a better athelete. Life just seems to get in the way, or is it my dedication to procrastination that really nails the head on the coffin? Ohhh, life's wonders. Nevertheless, I have decided that I need to retain some type of focus in these times of need and depression.

I have been playing tennis since I was about 13; which is actually late for a player who wants to be competitive. These days kids (specifically kids like Jan Silva) are picking up the racket between ages 2 dn 5, crazy but affective.

Anyway, I played in high school and college, but don't feel that I ever got that extra push I needed to really excel the way I think I could have. Physically, I pretty much have always had an athelete's body, not petite, not huge, but strong and with tons of stamina.

So, now that I am freelancing and working from home, I figured this is the perfect time to turn my own attention on myself and accomplish some of those things in life that I would like to carry with me until the end. I would like to improve myself to the next level of tennis and am getting there slowly. Not only that, but I would love to lose some weight and this is a perfect way to do both.
I've been hitting everyday for the past couple of weeks, so first I need to learn how to take breaks and secondly I need to get some players that are way above my level to push me into stardom..I mean greatness! :)
Watch as I progress into downtown LA's greatest tennis joy! Until then I will be doing the workouts of the pro's and ...wait for it... nixing the alcohol from my system. Real atheletes don't drink. That doesn't mean that I can't serve or recommend however!

Check back soon for progress.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Transformation

I suck at updating my blog, but I guess that's no big deal. Lately, I have been so busy launching my networking group and keeping up with other social media, that my personal affects have suffered. But this isn't about that, it's about the transformation that you are about to encounter as readers of this blog. I would say about two weeks ago, I made the decision to reform my tennis skills and reach the next level of my game.

I am determined to become a 5.0 player and active in the USTA community, with that means practice and LOTS of training. I got back into my athletic training just this week, starting off at the stairs, swimming and playing a lot of tennis. What I realize however, is that I really need to work on my serve.

So for the next week, I think self-practice sessions at the court are going to be involved. It would help if I had a sponsor or something like that, but who knows what can happen. In the meantime, I am dedicating the next month to myself to really clear my priorities and focus my goals. A few of which are tennis, studying for the GMAT (again!!!), expanding my networking group (which I have done a lot of this past week) and working on business.

Oh I need to read and meditate too. I only have one question, how will I control my need to shop. The cutest boutique EM & Co. is having a summer sale on designer clothes, but I need to stay awayyyyy...