Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do I dare?

After seeing Beno continue to pursue his marathon running (after completing LA Marathon #2 in the pouring rain) and listening him rattle on about how much of a 'runner' he is, I've been thinking about starting to train again for a marathon. We were talking about possibly doing the NY Marathon in November. Well, he was talking about himself, while I was secretly thinking about it.

I don't really know if my knee can hold up, but I can always start with a half marathon. The SD rock and roll is coming up in June (June 5) and I have more than enough time to prepare for that one. I would love to join a running group, but most of them that are associated with the races, want you to raise money. I'm not very good at soliciting funds.

Anywhoo. I am highly toying with the idea of training and using the SD Marathon as a dry run to see if I can actually even get half way done. It would kill me to not be able to finish. Training begins this Sunday.

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