Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random Rant: WHAT IS HAPPENING TO the World?

I feel like something has gone awry with the world amongst so many recent disasters. Not to make light of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but it feels like that just led to a series of ridiculous situations. What am I referring to?

First - Last night, Nate Dogg passed at 41. What a sad moment. People don't realize how much impact his smooth G-funk sound had on West Coast hip hop. Nate Dogg was featured in 45 albums with 255 popular songs (both solo and collaboration). That's quite an impressive body of work when you realize that most of those songs were great. When you hear almost any rap song that you can sing to in the last decade (not including the past couple of years, that's T-Pain), you can be almost positive Nate Dogg was in it. All of which were staples of West Coast rap, one of the most memorable for most being "Regulators".

Second - WHO is Rebecca Black? Please tell me this is a joke...I have nothing more to say.

On a lighter note (#3)....I was NOT chosen for PC World's Twitter Top 100, which I think was a miscount and a sham. I could have at least been #100. I have a lot to say dammit and it's important.

Fourth - Gas is a hitting a ridiculous $4/gallon, which means it's nearly $70 dollars to fill up my tank. Which also means that it's costing nearly $500 RT to Philadelphia, WHY?????

Fifth - the country's obsession with cracked out alcoholic, Charlie Sheen. WHO CARES? He is really not that entertaining other than the fact that he is so screwed up. Why do people find celebrities that are unraveling and in despair so entertaining?

Last but not least, it's nearing the end of March already. How is the time passing so fast? Did I also mention that apparently Talib Kweli (@RealTalibKweli ) is at SXSW and I'm not.

What else can go wrong? Wait....just kidding, I really don't want to know. There's my random rant for the day.

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  1. Yeah the Nate Dogg news threw me for a loop. I had no idea about his stroke or any sort of illness. I'm shocked and saddened by this news.

    I think they are for real with that Rebecca Black. Not my kinda thing but we live in that age where all it takes a solid campaign to make lots of noise and everyone knows your name.