Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How sweet it was...

I am amazed at how quickly 2010 came and went. I'm generally a big promoter of moving up and on and getting my resolutions ready for the next year, but 2010 was so full of things I thought I would reflect on all that went down.

Let Downs :/
  • Didn't go to Macchu Picchu
  • Had to get rid of Saabi
  • Gained 20 lbs. (yea! I know, scary) - I already have the resolution for this one
  • Lazied on tennis after August
  • Didn't take the GMAT....again
  • Didn't run more races

Achievements :)
  • Saw my first live Celtics game at TD Garden in Boston
  • Participated in my first season of mixed doubles
  • Won a tennis tournament (Calabassas Country Club)
  • Pueblo Ingles teens 2010
  • Traveled through Spain, France, Turkey and Germany with my love
  • Got a new car
  • Attended my first PRSA International Conference
  • Filed my taxes on time
  • Ran in 2 10K's
  • Adopted my adorable Chaka
  • Celebrated the last birthday of my 20's
  • Kicked Coffee (I like to celebrate the small victories too)
  • Got engaged to be married
  • Began planning my wedding
  • Became a chocolatier

Overall it has been a pretty stellar year. I can't wait to see what happens in 2011, I already know of a couple pretty important milestones that will take place. It should be interesting. I will get on the 'list' of resolutions that I have...However, today (while in the gym), I realized that sometimes my over planning is self defeating and I should continue to follow the one motto that I have always loved "Just do it!"

Good luck on your resolutions and Happy Holidays!

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