Thursday, October 8, 2009

Have you ever felt like a chicken with your head cut off?

The past few weeks have been crazy. Little rest and lots of go, go, go! I now have 4 tennis students and will possibly have 5 by week's end. I have to say that it is really fun going back to the basics and teaching; however it reminds me that I have to do all those things that I tell them to do also.

Along with that, work is going well, extremely busy. Sometimes I can't get my head on straight in the morning. At one point lazy mornings were ok for me, but not anymore. I guess I prefer it that way though. Now, i'm jumping from one meeting to the next all day and when I sit down around 6 pm, I'm half asleep on the couch. That said, we are also moving in the next couple of weeks up to Sherman Oaks. The new apartment is cute and I'm pretty excited to move there. There is lots of space so it's perfect for my love of dinner parties. However, I'm pretty sure that we are going to have to have a no-shoe policy...WOW! I haven't had one of those in years.

Anyway, I'm finding new ways of getting organized. I have decided to actually ditch the Franklin Covey zip up day planner and go with the Border's weekly planners....well, maybe, that's still out for decision; perhaps I just need the next size up. I used to be VERY organized and with all the running around, I have accumulated way to many notebooks and need to downsize. I think it's about time to purge files as well. I HATE this crap. Oh, did I mention I'm meeting with a tax guy on Friday to organize all that too?

I also need to be waking up at 5 am for my morning workout, but that has only happened once this week, which I suppose is a huge feit. With the weather getting a little more 'crisp' outside the bed is looking better than ever, which reminds me I have to look for a refridgerator.

WOW my head is just all over the place, wish me luck for the next few weeks. I'm gonna need to get organized and keep it together.

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