Friday, June 5, 2009

A day at the Hostel...

So...I decided I needed a part-time job and coincidentally the boutique hostel/hotel next door was hiring for front desk agents. Perfect! Some mindless easy front-desking around my already flexible schedule. Frankly, working from home tends to mean that you're home alot. I wake up with plans to go work outside somewhere or at a coffee shop or cafe, but once I get online its over and then before I know it half the day is over. In an attempt to redeem some social interaction in my life, outside of the people in PE building, I joined the hostel boutique next door. I thought it would be interesting and so far its been interesting and full of foreigners, a lot more than I expected in Downtown LA.

Ok so I started working in this boutique hostel place which is really more like a hotel, but I never imagined all the different kinds of people that walk in. Its really quite interesting. I'm kind of perfect here because I live downtown and know where things are and can help some people. Unfortunately, Los Angeles...brace not tourist friendly. I realized that I don't know nearly enough about downtown, in addition, I'm starting to get over living here in the middle of the city. I think I'm ready to go back to the suburbs when I used to be able to see grass outside of the window, sigh.

For the time being though, I'm going to enjoy all these different people coming in and out and when I get sick of customer service again, I will retire. For now, Stay has deemed an interesting pasttime for me and will be paying for my mani/pedi and eyebrow threading this week.

See ya'll real soon!

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