Thursday, May 28, 2009

The day Technology took over!

How do you make a readable interesting blog that isn't generic? I'm starting feel like the Internet is the bane of my exisitence here. I want so much to go back to traditional communicating methods, because they were simple, had etiquette and followed a set of social rules that could be followed. All this advancement in technology has just allowed everyone to become disconnected with each other and the important things in life.

I left home the other day to go workout and forgot my phone at home. For a second there I panicked and then realized, 'who cares?'. Am I really going to get a life and death phone call in the span of the three hours I will be away from the phone, can't I call people back? There was a time that we went home and checked our messages because we had been away all day. I like those days and miss them. People freak out when you say 'sorry I was available earlier, I left my phone at home". I think I'm gonna start doing that on purpose next time.

Although, I love the convenience and the 'cool' factor of technology, I feel like its starting to lose that 'lovin feelin' in my eyes. So if I don't answer my phone or take a few hours to email you back, just relax! I'll get to it eventually.

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