Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fan pages and FB

At first I must admit, I was trying to resist the Facebook evolution. I finally gave in when my company forced everyone to participate in social media. This is also the time when I first began my blog. I know...its all coming together now.

I have grown to find a new love and many uses for Facebook, the one that creeps me out the most is reuniting. My 10 year reunion is a month away and somehow all these people I haven't spoken to in 10 years are rising from the crypt. While a few of them, I do actually wonder about and am interested in finding out what's going on in their life, most of them...well...I could really care less. Its freaks me out when they add me and then most of the time they don't even say anything to me. I hate that. I hate just being a number on someones friend's list. It shouldn't bother me, its cyber space but if we're not friends I'm not the one to pretend about it.

The fan pages are getting a little out of hand, although one day I did become a fan of bacon (before the swine flu). I suppose that's a little nutz, but when friends suggest that you become a friend of 'sarcasm'???? What's that about? huh? My Twittering days have subsided a bit, but I feel that when I have a more socially intense client list then I will probably be back on Twitter as well.

Although computer technology has taken up a lot of jobs in the past ten years, I feel that it has more than exponentially provided opportunity for anyone who is willing to learn and adapt to the universe's changing social nature. Sometimes I hate cell phones, sometimes I love texts, most of the time I hate excel, but it also keeps me organized. What a strange world it is.

Last but not least. Despite of technology's wide reach in our lives, don't forget the little things like the California Sun (of which I am a fan on FB) and walking around outside. :)


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