Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Dog's life - A Day in the life of Chaka

Hey, I'm Chaka.
I'm sure many of you have heard about me. That mom of mine, boy, she's a talker (I hope she didn't say anything embarrassing). I thought you may be curious about what I do here at 4213 Rose Ave., so I put together this schedule to give you a look inside my life. Enjoy it.

My Weekday Schedule - by Chaka

6:30 am - wake up w/mommy to go outside for the bathroom
6:35 am - go back to bed and rest w/pops
8:00 am - wake up and go see what mommy's doing in the office
8:15 am - go to the bathroom again (maybe #2), hang out outside for a few
9:00 am - have some breakfast and a drink
9:30- 10:30 am - hang out with mommy, make sure the office is secure, chew my toy, lick my feet, maybe take a nap
10:30 am - Sunbathe in the backyard, try to lure mommy to play frisbee
around 11:30 am (depending on how hot it is outside) - come back inside, play with my squeaky toy and roam around the house, maybe take a nap in the guest room or under the bed.
12:30 pm - encourage mommy or daddy to take me for a walk
1:00 pm - chill at the house in 'the office' with mommy, brainstorm about work ideas (this takes a lot out of me), grab a drink
1:30 pm - Afternoon nap, sometimes I gaze out the front door, thinking about the neighborhood
3:00 pm - snack time (sometimes), go outside, practice football, rest, chew on sticks, jumping practice (high jump).
3:45 pm - come inside take a nap under the futon or bark at the front door
4:30 pm - Work (I work security at the front door), watch some television
6:45 pm - get ready to take a walk (mommy tells me about 5 times that we're leaving before we actually do), visit Zoey (my lady down the street, she's a black lab, don't hate!)
around 7:30 pm - have some dinner, try to steal mommy and daddy's dinner
8:30 pm - play in the house, lay down
9:30 pm - cuddle with daddy, he rubs my feet and nose
11:30 pm - go check on mommy in the bed, go to sleep under the bed
2:30 am - hop on the bed to make sure everything is secure

I can't complain, my parents love me, what more could a pup want? I work hard but play harder. I have the best job on the planet and sometimes my dad shares his food, ma...she's another story. Hope you all visit real soon.

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