Monday, August 15, 2011

Did Wet N' Wild make a comeback?

It's an interesting question right?

When you first think go Wet N' Wild you think, the cheapest nail polish in town or your favorite nail polish if you're under the age of 12, need a quick color, or you're looking for something glittery. You may know by now that painting my nails is something I am pretty religious about. I am not sure when this obsession really started but, it's a nice to have freshly painted nails at the beginning of a new week. Many times, I use it as time to relieve stress and do something completely mindless. Some weeks I may even paint them like 2 or 3 times. Also, painted nails are the most economical accessory to an outfit.

Anyway, I was in Target and looking at the multitudes of nail paint colors they have and took a glance at Wet N' Wild. They have a series called Wild Shine that looks like a Tween nail polish and kind of cheap from the packaging, but since it was so cheap (something like $1.99), I got two colors Blazed (a sort of beautiful cantaloupe color) and Dreamy Poppy (a more of a hot pink/Coral) and thought it was worth it to try it out. With two generous coats and a good top coat, these colors are fantastic. This is how Blaze came out:

(It looks more dewy and light in person)

Okay, so maybe Wet N' Wild is making its comeback, but some of their line is worth taking a second look at, so don't rule them out completely and give in to your teeny bopper urges sometimes.

Warning: The polish is quite thin (almost like a tint), so you must put on generous coats. The top coat I used was Sally Hansen Insta -Dry Top Coat, which really evened out some of the streaking of the polish and keeps cheap nail polish (or any nail polish) from chipping too soon.

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