Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting my rhythm!

It's been nearly a month, before I made my big transition to a life adventure (that's what we'll call it for now). Getting myself stabilized and organized was much quicker than I thought it would be. It is surprising how much more productive you are when your life and your work are practically one in the same and both something you love. The fact that I no longer have to leave the house and sit and traffic helps A LOT.

So... I've been reading, organizing, contemplating, planning and setting somewhat of a schedule in place for everything and its tough. Despite the fact that I no longer have to go into an office, I still have to consider the fact that I may need to conference call in the car or at my desk, while my dog is howling out the back window at the cat that's running across our yard. Working for myself also gives me less need to get up and take a break. I can find myself working away at my computer for hours (and before I know it its 3 pm) without eating or getting up. This was about the same time that I realized that mid-day workouts are not likely and I'll have to stick with mornings and evenings. The biggest difference is how much less my junk food and soda intake is. Shedding that 30 lbs, is much easier than I thought it would be and although I'm not on extreme mode, its melting off in a speed that is okay with me for right now.

When did people decide to give up both their physical and mental independence to live for work, that they don't necessarily care about? Why do people feel like they HAVE to sacrifice a good life to make a living? The more I think about it, the more I feel like people have been brainwashed to be lazy. YES, lazy! America is LAZY! There I said it. We may work more than any country in the world, but we don't get too much stuff done. I guess that's what separates the Entrepreneurs and Visionaries from everyone else (and I am by NO means calling myself a visionary, entrepreneur almost).

If you're reading this blog, then you're probably a like-minded individual, so I encourage you to answer a few questions for yourself and if I've help just one person have a great life then I accomplished a goal.

1. Do you love what you're doing? Not like, not kinda sorta, LOVE.
2. Why aren't you doing what you REALLY want to do?
3. Is that really a good reason?
4. What would it take for you to LOVE what you do everyday?
5. Which do you think will reap more benefits for you in scheme of your life?

That's it 5 questions. I used to be a procrastinator and then I realized to get anything done you just have to make up your mind and go. So...just do it! (best tagline ever)

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