Friday, July 9, 2010

Sports Talk - Green all the way...

I don't often enter into discussions about sports, more specifically basketball, because the truth is, I can't say I have a real loyalty anywhere and I'm not that die hard. However, my bf is a dedicated Celtics fan. Throughout this past basketball season, we have gone to Boston and cruised around to Irish bars to celebrate The Celtics.

Generally, women become bonded to teams through their mates, but I have no problems being in opposition. The case with The Celtics is different, however. After going through two seasons of pondering and watching them, I realize that the Celtics are a fantastic franchise and deserve my support.

Is that against what I should be doing being a Californian? I don't know... Traditionally, people supported the cities that they lived in, but don't you want to support good players too? Although, I did in fact root for the Lakers as a wee toddler, back when MJ, Worthy and Kareem were playing, I find it hard to get behind a one-man team (2 if you include Phil Jackson).

Some of you may disagree. I cannot deny that Phil Jackson is a great coach and if the Shaq/Kobe partnership wasn't dissolute then it would be hard for me to go against it. However, Celtics talent is crazy. The BIG THREE (Allen, Pierce and Garnett)? and now the BIG FOUR and possibly more like 6.

What I find greatly admirable about the Celtics is they truly play as a team, which is where they also breakdown because they are highly dependent on each other. I just think it shows so much sportsmanship and teamwork, which is what basketball is all about. Take Kobe out of the Lakers and you don't have a team.

Kobe is a Hollywood superstar, he can't really go anywhere, he's a Laker and he has fans; their called Laker fans. People attempt to go against the grain and say they love Fischer or Pau Gasol, but really? Even though Ron Artest roughed it out and got in some good ones in the finals, no one cares about his crazy ass. Kobe goes and down go Laker fans. If that ever happens, Kobe has to leave the state ASAP (you saw James jerzees last night on the news right?).It just seems weird to support such a lopsided team.

Although every team has their leaders, the Lakers are a bit ridiculous and the fans are just crazy and immature (which also deters me from supporting). This is my proclamation for the Celtics (for now). Of course, my first team is my home team the Hornets, but let's face it. They are not winning anytime soon, but they get an 'A' for heart.
What spurred this sports rant? This whole 'King James' crap.
"Dear Lebron,
I don't think you should have left the Cavs, but good for you for wanting to win and going somewhere where you feel you can make that happen. Coach Brown is an idiot and was totally out of place and unprofessional in his comments. I'm sure that Byron Scott won't react the same way when you realize that you don't want to be in Miami anymore."
Peace and Love,
Jini (Go Celts!)

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