Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adventures from Spain

We are starting week 2 here in Spain and I am finally getting acclimated to the balance of working and....well...working. I'm not getting very much sleep here, but it's fun and poses a bit of a challenge in getting through each day.

I haven't had much free time and when I do, I work, so I finally decided to set some time aside to update all of my fans on the trip. Its going great so far, we are working, so its not easy or vacation-like quite yet.

After 2 weeks I got my SIM unlock code, to unlock my phone and use my International sim card. Geezus. In the meantime, we just started a week long murder mystery game where everyone at the camp has to secretly kill their victims, lots of fun and paranoia

In addition to that, the teens show off their talents on a daily basis and the Spaniards are increasingly improving their English with the patience of the Anglo teens. Of course there are trouble makers and drama, but that's the fun part.

The rumor amongst the teens is that Beno and I are a couple and we're moving to Spain. ;) Silly kids.

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