Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wide Open Spaces.

There's something about enjoying the sun and working on your computer. The past several weeks I have continuously complained that I don't have a patio, where I can sit and type. This morning, I decided to go to my neighborhood Coffee Bean to work, so that I can feel the inspiration and focus to work.

I realize now that whatever new place I live in next, I will need to have a large floor to ceiling window in the office room, or set up my desk next to the front porch. There is just something about being blocked in that blocks my productive thinking. I'm hoping that next week, when work is really stressful, I can take my laptop outside and work for a bit to open up the space around me (as well as in my mind).

Sitting her I just feel like I can type and work all day. I have been more productive in the past hour and a half than I have been (at least in my personal life) in the past 2 weeks. Sad but true. Until I move, I guess I'm just going to have to head to Coffee Bean for a combo of work and relaxation.

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