Friday, June 4, 2010

Movie Review: SATC 2

Movie: Sex and The City 2

Cast: The usual suspects of course

Story Line: The ladies need to get away and head to Abu Dhabi for yet another adventure. Carrie is bored/confused about her marriage. Samantha is literally in heat. Charlotte is going through what I think is post-partem depression and Miranda goes through a career change.

Surprises: Miley Cyrus, Inappropriate sexual content in a middle eastern country, Carrie wasn't smart enough to RENT out her apartment, Boobalicious nanny, and the wedding in the very beginning of the movie.

The Good: The hot older gentleman that pursues Samantha(reminiscent of the most interesting man in the world), Penelope Cruz, (Paula) Abdul, the amount of formal dresses the ladies have, shoes, Carrie's ring and the blue couch in Big and Carrie's home.

The Bad: The overall story line, the weird twist with Aiden, the scene with Samantha having hot flashes in the marketplace, Charlotte's annoying disapproving looks, Carrie's confidence regarding her marriage, the stain on Charlotte's vintage Valentino.

Overall thoughts:
This movie was like a string of episodes put together and I'm sure most of you who have seen this feel that way. The story wasn't BAD per say, but it wasn't good enough for the big screen. Obviously, show fans will go see this in the theatre, but I suggest matinee if you have to. If you can wait until video that may not be a bad idea either. The great thing for the creators is that there has been no 'show' for the past couple of years, so the anticipation this movie has built up is similar to that of one of those extended sitcoms.

I don't want to give too much away for people who haven't seen the movie. However, my friend and I both thought it was in poor taste to have Samantha's sexual exploits so obvious in a country that is generally sexually conservative, it was just a bit out there! I will say however, 'the most interesting man in the world' was pretty hot.

Falling in line, the clothing was still fabulous, but who has that much formal wear in their closet unless they are a celebrity? Each of the ladies had a crazy amount of formal dresses, which I loved to see, but seems a little ridiculous. I also didn't really like the Carrie/Aiden twist in the plot. I think they put that in there because they didn't know what wrench to throw into Carrie's story line. The way THAT part specifically was written out, reminded me that Sex and The City was just a really good sitcom.

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