Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A lesson on Indian Guilt!

If you don't know about Indian guilt, let me give you a little lesson. Nothing has to be said for you to feel it. It can be the lack of saying something, it can be a sly look that only Asians can give; or it can even be the foe acceptance of a particular situation. The worst kind is when they somehow turn the situation around like you're inflicting some type of phantom pain.

I don't think this type of guilt can be taught, it is ingrained in the DNA of every Asian, specifically parents. It's like once they pop out a baby, you get a free guilt chip installed. They somehow know the way to get their kids home for the holidays, get an apology out of you for no apparent reason, sympathize when they screw up, get you to do physical labor! It is one of the most amazing talents in the world.

I will say, depending on how talented you are, you can have this skill to varying degrees. Let me tell you though, that the Mukhopadhyay's (that's my family), have this skill mastered. The pack is lead by THE master, my mother; with my brother in a tight second place (I suspect he will surpass her skill in the next couple of years). I am third on this list, but don't take #3 too lightly in this situation, however, I only use my powers for good. My dad, not so good at the guilt thing. If he makes you feel guilty, you probably deserved it.

Oh, so...the purpose of this note...I feel guilty! Apparently, pets can inherit the skill too, even if you only have them for a few weeks. If you recall, I once wrote about the 'love of my life', Barkley. I have now come to a time where I will try and replace him with a pup I saw at a local shelter. I know Barkley is in a good home and I'm sure that he has long forgotten me by now; but the guilt I harbor for relinquishing the world's sweetest and most loving pup is still there. No other pup can compare. I will try hard, but I will be off to see 'Giovanni' a cute chihuahua mix later this afternoon, to see if I can fill this hole in my little heart.

Another thing about Asian guilt; when it's self inflicted the scale is unmeasurable.

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