Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The top of the list - worst movies!

After watching a spot of television with my beau last night, I decided that it would be interesting for me to write about the WORST movies I have ever seen. Unfortunately, this number is growing in the multitudes, however, I did notice that the worse a movie it is, the funnier it gets.

What inspired this blog?

Evil Dead - If you haven't seen this then put down what you're doing NOW! and go rent it, Netflix it, whatever you need to do to get this in your VHS..yes VHS, they probably don't (and shouldn't) make this in DVD format. From the moment we turned this on, I knew there was no other option then to finish watching this movie. I really can't describe in words how ridiculously funny this horror movie is. Here's a snippet for your enjoyment:

Next on this list:

Rambo IV - not only does it look like Rambo has tons of wax on his face, his body is closely reminiscent of Ben Grimm from Fantastic Four. Why Rambo is out in the Cambodian jungles at the age of like 60 is beyond me anyway; but I can't lie, I was laughing a LOT! Essentially, the badness of this movie turned the last of an epic series into a frightful comedy. The trailor makes it look way more serious that it really is. I can't say how funny this was; mostly because Sly is all kinds of screwed up. Snippet below:

OK so those are the first two movies that come to mind. But I know there are more, feel free to contribute to this endless list.

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