Monday, December 21, 2009

What's on the horizon? Jini's movie picks!

I've always thought that being a movie critic would be fun, but analyzing a film with so many different personalities in the world is almost impossible. I'd like to think that I'm an objective source of information most of the time, but who knows. Anyway, I have seen some great snippets of movies that have recently been released and are scheduled to come out soon, I thought I'd share some of the films that have intrigued my interest and this is a way of me being able to track back to what I wanted to make sure to catch!

Across The Hall
- Given the recent tragedy that has struck this fabulous Hollywood Starlet, I never even really heard about this movie until I saw an interview, mentioning that it was the last film that she made. Here's a trailer.

- I don't even remember how I came across this movie,but it looks thrilling. Its an independent film and Eva Green was one of my favorite Bond Girls. Check out the trailer and you won't be able to wait to catch the flick.

Leap Year
- Cute chick flick with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode (What a hottie!). I've come to appreciate a lot of the films that Amy Adams has been in. Looks like a cute Romantic Comedy.

Sherlock Holmes
- What can I say that everyone else already doesn't know. This looks like a kick-ass movie! I'm only sad that I don't get to see it on Christmas day! YAY I can't wait for Sherlock Holmes; for some reason Robert Downey Jr. just seems perfect for the part. Not to mention I love Rachel McAdams and Jude Law.

The Blind Side
- I've always been partial to feel-good stories about team sports. Although, this is more of a personal victory story; I feel that it falls into that same category. Eager to catch this, but I think I'm waiting until DVD.


  1. I'm suspect of your moview reviews...

  2. I like ALL of your picks except this one. Really, must I endure yet another movie where a White woman saves a Black kid? It is it's own genre. If you have to watch, def DVD!

    Loved, loved, loved Sherlock Holmes!