Friday, September 25, 2009

Neglect is an awful thing.

Neglect (definition from Wikipedia) - to leave uncared for or to leave undone.

While I pursue every other thing in the book, I've unfortunately neglected my beloved blog. This is how it starts, you start neglecting and then you forget alltogether. Kind of like how I generally start neglecting that I'm on a diet and then BAM! I'm ten pounds heavier in two weeks. Ahhh, the things we choose to remember. Actually, this blog is not just about self-neglect but also my rant about neglect of your social responsibility in the community.

Think about how much time you spend thinking about your personal and professional goals, how much time you spend achieving them and then how much time you spend just screwin' around and not doing very much for anyone (including yourself).

I have been working with United Way (on a professional level) on some of their initiatives to fight homelessness and discovered some heinous truths about homelessness. It costs taxpayers MORE money to keep a homeless man on the street that to help them into a stable living situation!!! Now...when someone starts talking about saving my taxpayer dollars I listen, because they are always trying to milk us for what we're worth. The truth is that homelessness is a huge problem and Los Angeles is ranked #2, there are more than 73,000 people living in homelessness in the Los Angeles County. Can you believe that? All of this makes me very sad, but what can we do as individuals?

It is scary to approach that guy who's screaming out profanities on the corner and ask him "hey do you want some help?", it's likely that he'll follow you home, screaming at you and then stand in front of your building every day waiting for you to come out. You dont' want that.
That's not necessarily the answer anyway.

My suggestion would be to contact local organizations like
LAMP or United Way that specialize in focusing on the homeless issue and find out ways that you can support and help them (I'm talking other than giving up the $$$). Often times, they organize ways (groups and events) to reach out and help the homeless. You can also go to your public library to help out, which is what I did.

I am thinking of also volunteering with United Way, but because my specialty was Journalism in college; I felt that adult literacy is an important issue and the Los Angeles Public Libraries offer free tutoring for anyone that is interested in improving their literacy level and living in the Los Angeles area. While these suggestions are just small pieces of a larger puzzle, it helps when we all do our part to help our community and show tolerance and understanding of others. It takes a while to figure out your place in the world and I feel that now that I have somewhat figured out a plan and my place here on earth, it would be nice to help others, who may not be able to figure out themselves. Face it! Most people don't care about being nice anymore.

I went to a networking event earlier this week, where the program coordinator talked about developing relationships and the time it takes. I think it's the American culture that forces us to want everything now, now, now! The problem is that many things take investment, time and care to develop into something truly profitable or worthwhile. He mentioned that you'll never receive anything worthwhile without giving.

Give, give, give and it is inevitable that you will receive in return. It may come in different forms; money, personal gratification, business leads, friendships, partners, anything really. I also think that being a nice person, you'll likely get screwed once or twice, but that comes with life. So get over it and move on! My new resolution of life is to have a nice balance of doing things for myself and my personal good and doing things to better the world (whether its local, national or at an International level).

If anyone knows how to become an ambassador please contact me! That is something I'd really like to pursue without going back to school for political science, joining the peace corps or becoming a famous celebrity. 'After all, what is it that we all want?......World Peace!'

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