Thursday, January 26, 2012

Settling into married life.

Blog friends,

So here we are, nearly a month of being married and it's definitely different. I feel like it shouldn't be since we lived together prior-to, but it is. It's sweeter, we're married. I can see that we are definitely in a "Honeymoon phase", or perhaps its just the fact that the stress of the wedding isn't impairing our judgement and pestering us anymore. We are relaxed, happy and things feel light again. I'm beginning to feel closer to normal, but the new pressures of marriage and my own personal goals for 2012 are definitely keeping me on my toes.

The gorgeous weather in SoCal is helping our transition into married life and giving us our daily dose of Vitamin D, but my mind is pondering the thoughts of moving away some place new for another great adventure. The Hard Rock Hotel & Resort, Punta Cana was a beautiful honeymoon destination, but we could have used a couple more days there to fully de-stress and enjoy the island, but a fantastic getaway nonetheless and our first time in the Caribbean. we're back on our feet and preparing for the next big thing. I'm not quite sure what that is yet. We still need to situate little things like monthly chores, who's responsible for what, stuff like that. I hate organizational conversations, they feel like a business meeting, but are necessary for US to maintain a sort of balance. We've become pretty good at that already, so its not too taxing to figure out. More soon, I'm sure he'll do something very husbandly that I'll need to talk about.

Mrs. Ronjini Joshua

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