Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sally Hansen's new idea for nail polish.

Yes, at time, I do write about things other than weight loss and fitness....sometimes. I am also obsessed with shoes and painting my nails. In this case, it's the nails. For some reason it has become a therapeutic obsession for me and removing, cleaning, shaping then painting my nails makes me feel somewhat new. A little self-pampering sometimes goes a long way.

Well..yesterday while I was pampering myself with a cupcake (yes not on the diet list, however it was celebratory), behind the counter on the cashier I saw these nails.

So different and cute. When I asked her where she got them she said they were Sally Hansen Salon Effects and that you can only find them at CVS. Well, obviously that was going to be on my list of stops for the day. Sally Hansen has GREAT nail care products. I try and stick with Sally Hansen, Essie and Opi most of the time.

So, after work I head over to CVS (I had to go to two of them to get the right design) to pick up these little nail polish wallpapers. I had read some reviews of people that didn't like them and why, but I think now that they were doing it wrong.

Here's what I got: Sally Hansen Salon effects "Cut it out".

Here are a few tricks to make this work properly. It takes a little bit of

- Warm up your hands and the nail polish strips for maximum stickiness.
- Make sure that your nails are clean and very dry.
- Do NOT use the nail file they provide, use the little cuticle stick to push back your cuticle, stick on the strip, push it down with your finger and use the cuticle stick to tap it down around the top of your nail and cut the extra part off.
- You can generally use 1 piece for two nails if you do this right.
- Be sure to put on a top coat, it does crackle a bit otherwise.

It turns out pretty cool and is different from just regular nail polish. Perfect if you're not an artist and can't make crazy designs in your nails with q-tips and toothpicks. They also have metallics.

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  1. LOL... Way back when, when lilttle 'ol me was in high school, I used to paint flowers on my nails as a past time hobby. This reminds me of those leisurely time I once had.