Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Transformation begins...

I have been on a voyage to transform myself into a better athelete. Life just seems to get in the way, or is it my dedication to procrastination that really nails the head on the coffin? Ohhh, life's wonders. Nevertheless, I have decided that I need to retain some type of focus in these times of need and depression.

I have been playing tennis since I was about 13; which is actually late for a player who wants to be competitive. These days kids (specifically kids like Jan Silva) are picking up the racket between ages 2 dn 5, crazy but affective.

Anyway, I played in high school and college, but don't feel that I ever got that extra push I needed to really excel the way I think I could have. Physically, I pretty much have always had an athelete's body, not petite, not huge, but strong and with tons of stamina.

So, now that I am freelancing and working from home, I figured this is the perfect time to turn my own attention on myself and accomplish some of those things in life that I would like to carry with me until the end. I would like to improve myself to the next level of tennis and am getting there slowly. Not only that, but I would love to lose some weight and this is a perfect way to do both.
I've been hitting everyday for the past couple of weeks, so first I need to learn how to take breaks and secondly I need to get some players that are way above my level to push me into stardom..I mean greatness! :)
Watch as I progress into downtown LA's greatest tennis joy! Until then I will be doing the workouts of the pro's and ...wait for it... nixing the alcohol from my system. Real atheletes don't drink. That doesn't mean that I can't serve or recommend however!

Check back soon for progress.

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